Block Board IS:1659

BIGWIG Block board is manufactured with utmost care with selected and seasoned frames and battens. BIGWIG Block board is a premium quality block board with a high resistant against termite and borer attack. Core veneer, battens and frames are well treated before use to make it resistant against termite and borer attack.

Blockboard is made with selected eco-friendly timber. Before sending it for the production wooden planks are treated with insecticide and fungicide. The manufacturing process is supervised by IPIRTI graduates technical to avoid the any flaws in block board.


Key Features:

  • Hard wood core
  • High nail holding capacity
  • Uniform battens to avoid gap inside
  • Smooth surface.
  • Strong bonding with high solid content resin.
  • Seasoned and conditioned frame and battens to avoid any de-lamination and warping
  • Also available 7 ply construction for more strength.