Marine Plywood Manufacturers in Delhi

Marine Plywood Manufacturers in Delhi

We understand the real meaning of Marine grade plywood. It is not just a plywood which is made with PF resin but it is more than that. Manufacturing of marine grade ply need more attention and honesty than BWR grade plywood. BIGWIG MARINE PLYWOOD is a real definition of Marine grade plywood. So, if looking for Marine Plywood Manufacturers in Delhi then contact us now.

Bigwig marine plywood is specially treated plywood that is designed to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment. It is manufactured with utmost care in the supervision of technical experts with well selected pieces of core and face veneers. Further, the finished plywood is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water-soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organism and to make the product insects, borer, termites and fungi free.

Being highly resistant plywood to changes in weather and atmospheric conditions, Marine plywood is used for all types of woodworking in marine and sea going vessels. It also finds good application in air-freight container making. Now-a-days, instead of using the normal plywood, Marine plywood can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Advantages of Using BIGWIG MARINE PLYWOOD:
Manufactured with utmost care in the supervision of technical personnel, MARINE PLYWOOD is premium Marine Grade plywood which is perfect choice for any kind of applications.

  • BIGWIG MARINE PLYWOOD is excellent water proof panel and can be used in outdoor applications confidently.
  • High density of panel makes it perfect for nailing and cutting.
  • Strong bonding makes it perfect for the any kind of applications.
  • Longer life in comparison to other brands
  • Calibrated panel, so it can be used at highly precise architectural work.
Marine Plywood Manufacturers in Delhi
Marine Plywood Manufacturers in Delhi

Key features:

  • Manufactured with high solid content PF resin for strong bonding.
  • High density hard wood core and panels for high density.
  • Treated against termite, borer and other micro organisms.
  • Treated in vacuum pressure impregnate plant.
  • Wider core and panels are used.
  • High nail holding capacity.
Marine Plywood Manufacturers in Delhi