Compreg Plywood

COMPREG plywood is a premium grade plywood, which conforms to the standards of IS:3513:1989 and used extremely high pressure hydraulic hot presses to produce this product. Compression Heating Cooling Process is used for the production of COMPREG Plywood which has good mechanical properties with remarkable resistance to corrosion agents and is termite proof. In composing process, the veneer layers are impregnated by thermosetting resin in to impregnator or spray process, thereafter dry once again to control the moisture contents at low temperature hot air environment to avoid the scorching through bend dryer. The compreg plywood has strong screw holding capacity, used to making boxes for the heavy equipment, electrical transfor- mers, storage boxes, marine decks & cabins etc. COMPREG plywood can also be used for manufacturing of pallets for industrial application and railways berths & seats. It finds application in general engineering, textile and jute industry, and also at atomic plant installation. COMPREG are finding increasing uses as neutron shielding material too.