Chequered Plywood

Chequered floor boards are high density exterior grade plywood produced under high heat & pressure using un-extended PF resin. The ply has a chequered pattern on its surface that comes from the wire mesh put during pressing. Because of high pressure the panel develops high density that sustains in public place. This not only eliminates the smooth surface of ordinary plywood but also makes it anti-slip plywood.

The plywood combines enhanced mechanical properties with extreme wear-proof qualities, besides being resistant to corrosive agents. The basic purpose of making plywood which is anti-slip and anti-skid is to accommodate it in the application of flooring that too in heavy vehicles and large containers. The advent of chequered plywood has revolutionized the flooring in those sectors and created fresh avenues in other sectors too.

Suggested uses:
Extensive use in transport (i.e. bus floors, at the back of trucks, etc.) and railways as slip-resistant floorboard material as well as in staircases everywhere, kitchens, edges of swimming pools, flooring in gardens and farmhouses, high-use public areas like milk and telephone booths.