Different Types of Plywood and Its Uses

Plywood as a construction material is very extensively used due to its many beneficial qualities. It consists of sheets of wood fixed or cemented together with adjoining layers organized at right angles.

Plywood comes in various categories and these versatile categories are used for various projects, from wall sheathing, roofing, and sub-flooring, to cabinets. Before choosing plywood, it’s crucial to know about the types of Plywood which is offered by the best plywood manufacturers in India.

Let us glance at the types of plywood that will help to buy the products as per requirements:

1. Marine Plywood: When it comes to making special types of durable structures like boats and decks, conventional plywood is usually not the best option. Marine-grade plywood is a sturdier, higher-quality material, it is moisture-resistant. Best Plywood Manufacturers in Indiafabricated a wide range of Marine plywood that comes in many different grades, sizes, and weights and boasts many advantages over regular plywood.

2. Densified Plywood: Densified plywood with a smooth film coating is available in Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Grade. BWR plywood has super sound bonding and zero surface center gaps. The glue phenol-formaldehyde is used between the layers of the plywood to make it completely waterproof, hence enable to be used in cement formworks during construction. It is commonly used to build parts of the ceiling, walls, drains, highways, pillars, etc.

3. Chequered Plywood: Chequered plywood has standardized properties with advanced wear-proof qualities. This category of plywood eliminates the smooth surface of ordinary plywood as well as makes it anti-slip plywood. It is extensively used to make bus floors, at the back of trucks, staircases, etc, and railways as slip-resistant floorboard material as well as in staircases, floorboard material, kitchens cupboards, edges of swimming pools, etc.

4. Compreg Plywood: Best Plywood Manufacturers in India offered Compreg plywood with a variety of specifications and is highly demanded in various industries. This plywood is crafted using high-grade wood and cutting-edge technology with the set industry norms. In Indian Railways, Compreg plywood is used for manufacturing seats and berths of railway coaches.

5. Shuttering Plywood: A multi-functional versatile Shuttering Plywood is used in the production industry for constructing buildings, bridges, large industry, and structures, etc., and also for use on walls, slabs, columns, and beams, etc. Shuttering Plywood Manufacturer in India offers the best shuttering plywood which has a smooth mirror-like excellent finishing on both surfaces and has better nailing and screw holding properties.

6. BWP plywood: BWP stands for weather and boil proof. BWP Plywood is considered to be an exterior grade or marine grade, so it can be used in the exterior application or wet areas where water directly comes in contact with the plywood. This plywood reduces the chances of prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Its water-resistant quality comes from the bonding material usually a synthetic plastic resin that renders it water-resistant to water.

7. Gurjan Plywood : This category of plywood is slightly heavier and stiffer and has excellent strength, durability. This Plywood does not look pale. It seems to be reddish-brown in colors, which looks very engaging. Plywood can be used to make homes and office furniture. Gurjan is very expensive compared to other varieties.

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